Nedda Sou

African · House · Jazz

foto: SummerDance Forever

World renowned Professional Dancer, Choreographer and Coach Nedda Sou, was born on the 7th of April 1988 and grew up in the Netherlands. She came in contact with and got inspired by dance at a young age trough clubs, festivals and television shows. After trying different studies she couldn’t find one that could offer her what she was looking for, Something that would challenge her. After dropping out of the 3rd school she decided to rethink what it was that she wanted in life.

She joined a summer school for dance where she got in touch with different dance styles. After the summer school she knew she found the way to express herself and the challenge to keep on developing that she was looking for, shortly after summer school she started dancing full time.

While she learned everything through freedom she made her way as an autodidact into the professional national and international dance world by dancing for different commercial shows and theater productions such as; Footlocker, Nike, TMF, MTV just to name a few.(For a more detailed information regarding past events, shows and productions, please have a look at the CV section)

When she was first asked to choreograph custom made showcases and theater shows, she instantly knew she had found her calling. Besides creating and sharing breathtaking performances on stage, she also felt the need to share her passion and knowledge as a teacher and coach by giving classes. When she was first asked to give a workshops she decided it was time to take didactic courses so that she would be able to teach in the best way possible meaning developing her skill to trigger students to be able to receive the information and find their own experience of freedom and joy within dance. After teaching for a while she started receiving offers to give workshops at schools that are known to have ’difficult’ students.

She was always interested in helping young people who had a hard time at home or had a different background which made it hard for the relatives to understand what dance was.

Nedda Sou believes that people can function better trough positive stimulation and discipline. We all have the ability to achieve if there is a will Nedda Sou will find a way.